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If the perfect wine experience could be transformed into a gift box, this is it. Coterie72’s Box comes with incredible, hard-to-find bottles of vino especially chosen for their unique flavour profile.


Through the company's subscription model you may choose between a Surprise or Delight monthly subscription and each month savour the sommelier curated wine box that has been delivered straight to your door. Coterie72 wine boxes are a lifestyle choice and not just a selection of unique wines; each box comes with bottles selected to elevate everyday experiences like the perfect wine box for movie pairings or a take out night. 

For the Fall Into Italy Campaign the company is featuring a special Surprise & Delight case of Italian wines with labels that are not available elsewhere.

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Lunaria Orsogna Winery, Ramoro Skin Contact Pinot Grigio, Abruzzo.

The Lunaria line of wines from this estate is reserved especially for the biodynamic grapes and is much smaller production. Not surprisingly we like a lot of the things this group is doing. First, one of the primary ways they support biodynamic agriculture amongst their growers is crop rotation. Biodiversity is important for so many reasons – soil health and climate change to name just two. And they also make our *second* favorite Italian product, olive oil! (the olive trees are also certified organic). Finally, the unique closure, a rope tied around the neck of the bottle is based on the old school method traditional to that region. They even work with a local non-profit to tie the ropes that supports employment for people with special needs.


Nittardi, Ad Astra, Tuscany.

According to the producer the name of their second wine from the Maremma region is gleaned from the Latin phrase Per Aspera Ad

Astra — “a rough road leads to the stars”. A phrase that is also true for great wines, as greatness requires a great deal of loving work and care in the vineyards. Ad Astra grows on the sun-drenched hills of our estate Mongibello delle Mandorlaie in Southern Maremma. We also love how this cosmic connection is at one with the universe being a natural wine, both organic, as well as sustainable.  We can all raise a glass to that.


Marcobarba, Barbarossa, Merlot, Veneto.

Marcobarba started as a social project carried on by Marco and the “Barbaboyz”. They take care of small plots of abandoned vineyards owned by some elderly widows, between the white sedimentary terrains of the Berici Hills and the dark and volcanic soils of Gambellara. From the grapes they grow with practices to respect, and honour the grapes, terroir, and culture of the region.  Marco produces about 40,000 bottles a year of expressive natural wine. This beauty is made from exclusively biodynamic viticulture, interventions reduced to the minimum and as always in harmony with the vineyard. Barbarossa is made with a mix of red-grape varieties, both native of the territory and international ones. Some of them are known, others not so much.



Fidora, Pinot Grigio, Veneto

A high-quality version of Pinot Grigio to take your everyday evening glass up a notch. We pair this wine with classic Italian Eggplant Caponata. Straight out of Sicily, we adore this umami- bomb eggplant dish for its layers of flavour, as well as versatility.  Serve it warm, serve it cool, but never forget some crusty bread on the side.  Eggplant delivers umami, earthy notes and highlights the savoury side of this lovely wine.  Company coming or quiet night at home, this is the pick!


Bengali Lorenzo, Valpolicella Classico, Veneto.

Get ready for your next perfect night in with this wine and a plate of Carciofo alla Giudeia. This fried, crispy golden globe artichoke, which makes a crunchy sound with each bite, is a delicacy of Rome.  A perfect snack for a cozy evening in and a tasty bottle of wine. Our prep tip on this tasty tipple is to try out vegetarian dishes that are rich and savoury, like artichokes with fuller red wines like this one.


Antica Enotria, Puglia Rosso, Puglia.

We love this medium-bodied organic red wine with loads of red and black fruits like plum, cherries, and canberries. As we settle into the flavours on the palate of licorice, balsamic, leather, thyme and cedar tuck in with our favourite cashmere blanket and the perfect Netflix pairing. As we lean into regional and street food pairings this month we are really into re-visiting a Netflix classic ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’. Nosrat's guided tour of the world and all things delicious.  Don't miss episode 1 taking you to Northern Italy and discovering the magic of Italian olive oil.

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