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Fall Into Italy.

"Fall Into Italy" is an initiative by the Italian Trade Agency, a Governmental agency that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad.


The "Fall Into Italy" campaign presents a unique opportunity for Canadian consumers; the chance to sample exclusive Italian wines that would otherwise be unavailable across the country. The campaign will run October 8th to November 8th, during which 5 participating wine clubs will showcase wine boxes featuring some of Italy’s best wines.


To take advantage of this promotion simply review the participating wine club's offer, choose your favourite box, order & enjoy. Each Box will be accompanied by literature on the featured wines, production methods, specs on tasting notes, grape varietals and pairing recommendations. 

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Sneak Peak Of A Few Featured Wines


NV Fondo Bozolle Lambrusco Incantabiss Mantovano


Southeast of Emilia-Romagna, across the River Po, Lambrusco Mantovano DOC is the only appellation outside of Emilia-Romagna producing Lambrusco. Brothers Franco and Mario Accorsi farm their small parcels of old vineyards organically, amidst pears and apples, and have resurrected nearly forgotten varietals of Lambrusco – Lombardy natives, and cousins to the more famous Emilia-Romagna varietals. This hand harvested and natively fermented Lambrusco is the fizz dreams are made of. Crunchy red currants and super fine bubbles that tickle your nose and tongue - dancing on your tongue like pop rock candy. Tart raspberry yogurt – like a sweet-tart, with a really cool bitter-herbal edge. Explosive cherry blaster vibes. The perfect wine to pair with a wood fire oven pizza on a cool October evening.


2021 Casaretti Bardolino Classico


Smell - Delicate floral notes dance on the nose along with aromas of ripe red berries and stewed plums.

Taste - Dry and structured and a perfect fit for any season with flavours of dark cherry, sugar plums, blackberry, blueberry and baking spices with a soft peppery note on the finish. Perfect for a backyard bbq. ​ Pairing - Fire up the grill and pair this wine with steak, burgers, caramelized onions and grilled vegetable skewers.


Fidora Pinot Grigio,



This Pinot Grigio is a rich dry white wine, fresh, with vibrant aromas of pear and apple with hints of flowers. The highly mineral feeling is the signature of this wine and gives it a great personality and versatility in food pairing.


Vino Lauria Catarratto Costabisaccia


Costabisaccia is a 30-year-old vineyard exposed to the north, in the hills surrounding Grisì, situated at 600 meters. This organically farmed Catarratto was fermented and rested in stainless for 6 months. Fragrant orange blossoms, lush melon, honeysuckle, rule a waxen palate, with heady pine nuts lingering on the saline finish. Tastes, smells, feels of the Mediterranean sea; bring on shellfish and roasted peppers.

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